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Farm surrounded by green pasture

Refuge on the Range

How the Pandemic has Driven Luxury Ranch Sales Although the pandemic brought unexpected changes for many, life on a...

Encroaching conifers take over sagebrush sea.

The Sage Grouse Indicator

Can conservation raise your ranch’s bottom line? If Noppadol Paothong sleeps in until 4am, he’s already late for work....

Two mustang stallions blow off some steam

The Mustang Dilemma

The American West in its sprawling grandeur is home to some of the world’s most diverse and abundant wildlife...

Cowgirl sitting on horse with mountains in the background

Art of the Cowgirl

From the earliest frontier days to modern agricultural movements, women have long made a profound impact on the...

Rancher herding a line of cows

The Call of the Range

For generations the West has held a certain captivation over the hearts and minds of the public. From its depiction on...

A red barn surrounded by snow

Holidays on the Ranch

The holidays are a special time of year—a moment of reflection, gratitude and goodwill. Like nowhere else, the season...